​Peer-To-Peer Fundraising

The right place for intelligent peer-to-peer data integration

Nonprofits that run peer-to-peer fundraising events, or that have engaged a legion of supporters with personal fundraising pages, have a special set of data-related concerns that are unique: not only do you have to manage a complex hierarchy of relationships that include team captains, team members, fundraisers, participants, donors, and tributees, but you also have to ensure that all of that personal, relational, and transactional data from your event management system gets properly and effectively integrated with your main CRM database.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Effectively integrating the most complex data and systems

Omatic knows the nonprofit fundraising domain and has been helping nonprofits integrate peer-to-peer fundraising data into CRM systems from the beginning. Today, powered by Omatic Cloud, our intelligent peer-to-peer integrations for Blackbaud and Salesforce systems are API-based, automated, and bidirectional – ensuring that all of that complex fundraising and event data gets effectively transmitted – from the right place to the right place.

Synchronized. Timely. Complete.

Integrating the unintegratable

Blackbaud and Salesforce provide unrivaled CRM database systems for managing your fundraising ‘back office’ operations – but they don’t natively integrate with today’s top-tier peer-to-peer fundraising applications. So organizations need to export complex data and then either hand-enter it into their CRM or use cumbersome – often unintuitive – standard import tools. Not only is this time-consuming, but it also results in data errors.

Let Omatic effectively synchronize your peer-to-peer fundraising data with your main CRM database – seamlessly and as often as you need. Omatic will clean-up, standardize, and prevent duplicates as a natural part of the automated data integration workflow. You will save hours and hours, and you’ll be more confident in the accuracy of your data overall.

The gift of time

When systems are not integrated, the amount of time lost on manual processes or rudimentary imports can never be regained. But it also means delays: delays in acknowledging donors, delays in posting to the General Ledger, delays in reporting overall and especially to key stakeholders. That can lead to a big credibility gap!

Omatic’s intelligent integrations for peer-to-peer fundraising, powered by Omatic Cloud, can ensure that data is added to your main CRM database in a timely fashion – not just saving time, but making time. And, giving you the ability to accelerate donor stewardship, financial reporting, and planning for whatever comes next.

Ensure the complete picture

The complete picture: that’s what’s missing when information from your peer-to-peer system is not effectively integrated with your main CRM database. Fundraisers are ever-concerned that they’re lacking proper insight into supporters’ overall engagement when they don’t have the full picture. And peer-to-peer event teams may be blind to anything other than their supporters’ event participation or personal fundraising activity.

When your systems are synchronized, your team members can be confident that the data at their disposal is current, clean, and above all, complete. This will support engagement and fundraising activities all year-round, including focused stewardship, and targeted next-step solicitations – for donations, volunteering, and participation in the next event!

Integrations by System


Synchronize new and updated donor and supporter info from Classy that needs to be integrated into your main Salesforce or Blackbaud system to keep it current. And send offline data that originates in your main CRM to Classy, to ensure that Classy remains up-to-date, too.


Integrate new donor, participant, and volunteer records from DonorDrive into your main CRM database – and properly update existing records without creating duplicates.

Engaging Networks

Strengthen your supporter data by integrating your Engaging Networks platform with your Raiser’s Edge / RE NXT CRM, while also keeping your supporter data current, clean, and complete.

Fundraise Up

Enhance your supporter experience and drive greater giving by connecting your online donation and peer to peer fundraising data from Fundraise Up with your system of record.

Blackbaud Luminate Online

Consolidate all of the rich data from Luminate Online into Salesforce NPSP, Blackbaud CRM, or Raiser’s Edge®/Raiser’s Edge NXT® – and deliver an excellent supporter experience through targeted communications.