​Nonprofit Event Management Integration

Omatic knows the event data territory

Nonprofit fundraising events – sometimes referred to as ‘ticketed’ events or ‘calendar’ events – like galas, golf tournaments, special performances, and auctions – have been a fundraising mainstay for generations. Even in an age when fundraising events like this are ‘going virtual’ – or have virtual components – the overall concept remains the same.

Nonprofit organizations frequently use best-of-breed applications for event management, both to manage online as well as offline event registrations and sponsorships, and to manage the details of the events themselves – the seating, the foursomes, the check-ins, the nametags, the auction items, the onsite donations, and the like.

There’s an awful lot of data resulting from a major fundraising event, and it can be complicated to integrate event data with your main CRM database – what with registrants, sponsorships, participants, guests, advertisements, registrations, auction donations and purchases, and the like. But Omatic knows the territory and is here to help.

Integrate with any event management application

Omatic’s intelligent integrations for fundraising events, powered by Omatic Cloud, support all the major online event management applications as well as anything that can be put into an Excel spreadsheet (and, yes, we know that a lot of event management is done in Excel). Whether you use Blackbaud or Salesforce as your main CRM database, Omatic’s cloud integrations will ensure that your event data is properly integrated – safely, securely, efficiently, and accurately.

Up-to-date. Hygienic. Holistic.

Integrate data as often as you need to

Fundraising events can be long-term affairs, with planning for one year’s event beginning the days after the previous year’s event is over. Sponsorships and program ads are solicited and confirmed months in advance, and even regular registration links are published and publicized long before the official ‘save the date reminders and invitations are sent. With sponsorship, participant, and transactional data coming into your event system continually, it doesn’t make sense to keep that information in a silo, where it may not be accessible to key stakeholders.

Omatic can make easy work of the once-cumbersome chore of integrating event data into your CRM – so why not integrate as often as you need to – so that event reports are up to date, you can reconcile event transactions between your CRM and your general ledger, and key leadership and volunteer stakeholders can have current information at their fingertips.

Data hygiene rules the day

While event management systems do what they do very well, not having automated event data integration with your main CRM database can lead to data errors that are unpleasant for everyone. When event data are entered manually, or using native import tools, you can end up with duplicate records, misspellings, data that are not compliant with your standards, and names in ALL CAPS (if that’s how your donor entered it on the form).

Omatic’s intelligent integrations pride themselves on data hygiene. With Omatic, data integrated into your main CRM from your event system are cleaned up, standardized, and checked for duplicates as a natural part of the automated integration workflow. No more concern about incorrect data, nonstandard configuration, or duplicate records.

You can have the full picture

Fundraising event data that only resides in your event system deprives those in your nonprofit organization from ever having a complete, holistic view of the overall supporter experience. After all, an event registrant could be brand new, or they could be a long-time donor, volunteer, or supporter. But you won’t know that if event data remains only in the event system because it’s too time-consuming or cumbersome to integrate it with your main CRM database.

When event data is integrated into your CRM system and consolidated with all of the other donor and supporter data there – and properly matched to ensure no duplicate records – your leadership, fundraisers, key volunteers, and other stakeholders can have the full picture they need of your donors and donor groups: for effective stewardship, follow-up cultivation, and (of course) to prime them for the next event!

Integrations by System


Synchronize new and updated donor and supporter info from Classy that needs to be integrated into your main Salesforce or Blackbaud system to keep it current. And send offline data that originates in your main CRM to Classy, to ensure that Classy remains up-to-date, too.

Blackbaud Luminate Online

Consolidate all of the rich data from Luminate Online into Salesforce NPSP, Blackbaud CRM, or Raiser’s Edge®/Raiser’s Edge NXT® – and deliver an excellent supporter experience through targeted communications.


Seamlessly integrate your fundraising, communications, and event information to eliminate the data ‘blind spots’ caused by disconnected systems.

Engaging Networks

Strengthen your supporter data by integrating your Engaging Networks platform with your Raiser’s Edge / RE NXT CRM, while also keeping your supporter data current, clean, and complete.


Swoogo integration for Salesforce, Blackbaud CRM, and Raiser’s Edge NXT offers the ability to integrate robust registration information, participant details, payment transactions, and sponsorship data with your main CRM database – as well as the capacity to send offline event management data from your CRM data back to Swoogo.


Send EveryAction ticketed event registration data to your main Blackbaud or Salesforce system to ensure that it remains fresh and complete – and free of duplicates!