​Integrating the wealth of wealth data

Net worth, annual income, real estate values, capacity ratings, and propensity scores are just some of the information that nonprofits obtain from analytics providers on a routine basis. While acquiring wealth analytics data is commonplace for fundraising organizations, those with larger-scale acquisition programs – grateful patients, happy patrons, participants-to-donors –frequently need large files screened scores and ratings. And they rely heavily on that data – combined with information already in their main CRM database – for strategic constituent segmentation, donor acquisition, and targeted retention

Wealth analytics, integrated – and so very actionable

Omatic integration solutions for Blackbaud and Salesforce systems, powered and secured by Omatic Cloud, are API-based, automated, and bidirectional. No need to stress about integrating that wealth of data into your main CRM database – Omatic does the heavy-lifting for you so that you can use those valuable wealth details strategically to drive your fundraising and your mission.

Premium and even basic wealth analytics data are powerful, but only if they’re timely and can help draw a complete donor or prospect picture. Omatic’s API- and cloud-based integration processes ensure expedient integration so that wealth data are current and at your fingertips.

Functional. Effective. Beneficial.

A tool built with you in mind

Using native import tools – or integration utilities not built for the nonprofit sector – can result in inadequate outcomes: files have to be manipulated, records aren’t properly matched, and data standards aren’t maintained. Not to mention all the time spent on clean-up.

All those issues are addressed with alacrity by Omatic Cloud. API-based connections mean no files to download or upload, much less manipulated. Built-in standardization and validation utilities ensure that incoming records adhere to your data specs. And Omatic’s proprietary matching algorithm, plus controlled automation, will prevent both duplicates and exceptions.

A process designed with you in mind

Integrating wealth data into your main Blackbaud or Salesforce system? No more reason to bother about prolonged processes, data delays, or having to do something a different way. Using Omatic Cloud for analytics information is like using Omatic Cloud for any other integrations. The configuration, the mapping, and even running the integration process leverages a standard user-interface and a common, standard data ingestion method. Simply connect your source to your destination and let Omatic Cloud do the rest.

A solution created with your supporter in mind

Your analytics provider may furnish you with the most accurate, timely, and useful wealth data there is. But if that information remains siloed or cannot be integrated into the main CRM in a timely fashion, they run the risk of missing key details when building connections with prospects and maintaining relationships with donors. At best, they’ll waste time toggling between data sources, copying things down manually, and then still not get it all right.

Omatic can help you turn a potentially poor supporter experience into an impressive and lucrative one by ensuring that your donors’ and prospects’ wealth data are always up-to-date in your main CRM – and that your CRM can furnish you with the complete picture that you need to do your job effectively. With fresh wealth information always up-to-date, you can stop worrying about data blind spots and the internal headaches that result from fragmented systems.

Technology developed with the sector in mind

No development or advancement officer wants an ask to go ‘sideways’ – and asking for too little can be even worse than asking for too much. Even when relationships are strong, if the data upon which your solicitation is based is stale or incomplete, you run the risk of leaving money on the table or hearing the dreaded ‘this isn’t a good time for us . . . .’

Not that fundraisers need a reminder, but there’s a lot of people out there who are depending on your effectiveness and success. Let Omatic relieve some of that pressure by ensuring that your wealth analytics data – which does not come without considerable investment – is always current in your main CRM and helps paint the most complete picture of your donors and prospects. With that consistently in place, you are a lot more likely to hit your targets.

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Acquire wealth, capacity, and propensity-to-give insights delivered directly into your main CRM database; find your next best donors.