Activism data to bolster your CRM

There’s a lot of data there that needs get into your main CRM database so that you have a complete picture of your supporters – not just their advocacy activities but their demographics, giving, relationships, registrations, volunteering, and the like. Let Omatic be the conduit for easy and convenient integration between your advocacy management system and your Blackbaud or Salesforce system. That way, while your advocacy application manages the day-to-day, your main CRM database will be current and complete, and can support targeted, granular segmentation and communication whenever you need it to.

If you are a social good organization that depends on a growing network of grassroots activists, or advocates working from coast-to-coast, you not only mobilize them and build on their passion, but you also track your engagement with them and their activities on your behalf. You may also communicate directly with policymakers and other influencers and monitor those interactions along with those of your supporters, so that you can analyze your overall advocacy effectiveness. Ensure all your activism activity is integrated with you CRM for the full picture.

eComm – a wealth of data, and an engagement gateway

Online virtual giftshops, markets, and catalogs are so prevalent today. They are great gateways for new supporters and hopefully are converted to loyal donors and advocates. They are also a wealth of data. For example, who buys what, when, and for how much; who buys gifts or gift cards for others; who’s responsive to requests to join, give, make tributes; and more.

All that data is certainly useful for those who run the eCommerce site, but it’s just as valuable strategically when it’s integrated with your main CRM database. Thinking about how long it would take to routinely key-in that data, or upload it all using unintuitive import tools turns team members into data janitors overloaded with heavy administrative work rather than mission impact work.

Rather, let Omatic intelligent integration solve this problem quickly and inexpensively, through automated processes that clean up records, standardize data, and check for duplicates all while speedily and routinely transmitting key information from your eCommerce system to your Blackbaud or Salesforce CRM. While your e-store or catalog does its thing, your main CRM will have real-time data updates without duplicates or errors and provide a complete supporter view to all those who need it.

Making matching gift data integration a breeze

More employers are matching charitable contributions, and more donors are taking advantage of employer matching programs, which is great for mission impact. But, that means that there are more matching gift commitment and payment transactions routinely coming into your gift processing team. So, let Omatic ease the burden and the stress by helping you quickly and accurately integrate matching gift data into your main Blackbaud or Salesforce database system.

Whether you use one of our approved API connector partners (including Double the Donation) or obtain matching gift data in a spreadsheet or another basic electronic format, Omatic can ensure you save time and eliminate errors when integrating matching gift data. Powered and secured by Omatic Cloud, our integration solutions will ensure that your main CRM database is always current with matching gift information so that acknowledgments are timely and financial statements are accurate.

Get the wealth of wealth data into your main CRM

Wealth data, prospect and donor ratings, and propensity and capacity scores are just some of the information that nonprofits obtain from analytics providers on a routine basis. While acquiring wealth analytics data is commonplace for fundraising organizations, those with larger-scale acquisition programs – grateful patients, happy patrons, participants-to-donors – not only frequently need large files screened for wealth data, but heavily rely on that data – combined with information already in their main CRM database – for strategic constituent segmentation, donor acquisition, and targeted retention.

Omatic integration software, powered and secured by Omatic cloud, helps you achieve two key objectives with your wealth analytics data:

1) gets the volume of new and updated information into your main Blackbaud or Salesforce database quickly, accurately, and without the fear of creating duplicate records
2) furnishes you with a routinely current, clean, and complete view of your database records to support your various strategic initiatives.

No need to stress about integrating all that wealth data into your main CRM database – Omatic does the heavy-lifting for you on-demand so that you can use the wealth of wealth information strategically to drive your fundraising and your mission.

Omatic: the nonprofit integration leader for basic data formats

Omatic has long-recognized that Excel and other flat-style data files are virtually limitless in what kind of information they can store – and therefore very powerful data conduits. No matter what kind of data comes to you in basic electronic formats, Omatic can make it a snap to get that data integrated into your main CRM database.

Nonprofit organizations still get a tremendous amount of source data that arrive in Excel or other flat file-layouts. Whether Excel supports long-entrenched internal business processes, or source data comes to you in basic electronic formats from third-party systems that have unsupported APIs (or no APIs), Omatic integration solutions, powered and secured by Omatic Cloud, are your best bet to get the data into your main Salesforce or Blackbaud database quickly, easily, and free of errors or duplicates.

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