Data Health & Automated Import Management for Raiser’s Edge

Omatic’s classic solution for nonprofit data integration, IOM imports data into RE/ RE NXT from any external sources, supporting all record types and formats, and cleaning up data along the way. ImportOmatic redefines efficiency with intelligent integration that properly matches records, eliminates duplicates, and standardizes data as it imports.

Easy to use, but built on a foundation of advanced technology, IOM ensures you can optimize your integrations in a single process, while checking for accuracy at every step. Save time, stay ahead of the game, and always know that your RE data is current, clean, and complete.

ImportOmatic Connectors

ImportOmatic Connectors enable you to integrate data directly from external systems, automatically retrieving the data for you via APIs. Connectors support bidirectional data exchange too!

While we are always working on new solutions, our current Connectors include Classy, Donor Drive, Double the Donation, Emma, Engaging Networks, Luminate Online/ TeamRaiser, Mailchimp, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Volunteer Hub, and WealthEngine.

Your RE Data: Current. Clean. Complete.

List Management

Import non-constituents into RE/ RE NXT as unique, full, non-relationship records, but without adding to your record count or bloating your database. Great for managing acquisition files and so much more!


Find potential duplicates in RE/ RE NXT based on Omatic’s proprietary similarity scoring algorithms – the higher the score, the more likely the records are to be duplicates.



Use all the data you have in RE/ RE NXT to calculate affinity scoring for your constituents. Scores can be utilized in audience segmentation and predictive modeling.


Additional Solutions for Raiser’s Edge


EventOmatic streamlines the management of event participants, guests, fees, and more with one simple and configurable user-interface that facilitates more efficient data entry.


Find any record from anywhere within RE/ RE NXT quickly and easily – no more search screen navigation.


A robust segmentation tool that allows you to quickly and easily segment on anything queriable in RE/ RE NXT – in addition to traditional regency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) criteria.