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Over the years, nonprofits have had to become more strategic and selective about how they encounter and interact with their supporters. The sector’s professionals have learned that different constituents react and respond to different motivations and engagement tactics, and that each interaction carries with it important data points that can be captured and analyzed for the most effective stewardship and leveraging relationships to further fruition.

Similarly, over the past 20 years, software applications have been developed to address these differentiated supporter interaction needs. Some refer to these as ‘best of breed’ solutions – applications that support one particular specialized function especially well – such as online and recurring giving, peer-to-peer fundraising, email marketing, event registrations, ticketing, membership, financial posting, etc.

Omatic has watched this progress and has prided itself on meeting the data health and integration needs of nonprofits as they have realized the importance of integrating all the data from their niche applications into their main Blackbaud or Salesforce systems. As you review the more detailed information – focused on activity and business flow – by exploring the links below, remember that Omatic solutions can support your entire data health and integration ecosystem, and how you interact with your supporters, regardless of which specialized applications you use as satellite systems orbiting your main CRM database

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