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The “NXT” of ImportOmatic… Introducing Omatic Cloud




Since 2002, development services professionals have used ImportOmatic to leverage their investment in Raiser’s Edge and now, Raiser’s Edge NXT.  As nonprofit organizations’ technology keeps evolving, Omatic continues to lead the way with its own “NXT”: ImportOmatic+, now powered by Omatic Cloud Omatic Cloud is the data quality and integration solution for Raiser’s Edge NXT – and takes full advantage of Blackbaud’s SKY API.

Watch our webinar to see how Omatic’s cost-effective data integration tools can better support a dependable data exchange between Raiser’s Edge NXT and all the nonprofit applications you choose to deploy – today or down the road.   

Attendees will learn:

  • How to keep your data up-to-date and accurate across systems, enjoy real-time data sharing, and have the information when you need it 
  • How we’ve designed Omatic Cloud and made ImportOmatic+ better, to help you master the ever-growing technology ecosystem you work in today 
  • How current, clean, and complete data can actually advance mission impact  
  • What Omatic Cloud and ImportOmatic+ look like under the hood (see the “NXT” of IOM in action!) 

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