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Unlock the Power of Raiser’s Edge for Non-Constituents

In today’s mobile and social world, new channels for engaging your supporters are coming available nearly every day. And just because someone volunteered at an event, subscribed to your newsletter, or regularly ‘likes’ your posts, you may not be ready to promote them to a Constituent in Raiser’s Edge (RE). Doing so could add noise to your database and increase your record count. On the other hand, storing them in a separate spreadsheet or not tracking them at all limits your ability to manage the information needed to identify your top prospective donors, build meaningful relationships, and solicit contributions at the right time. Part of a successful moves management strategy includes giving your prospects the most personal experience possible, which is contingent on having a current, accurate and complete view of them. After all, you purchased RE as a CRM tool to develop and nurture relationships, not just track donations after they are made.

Join us to learn more about the importance of tracking the activity of all supporters on their journey. We’ll answer questions like:
• Why do nonprofits often fail to properly acknowledge supporters and how can they create a better experience?
• Why is it important to track the same information for both Constituent and Non-Constituent records?
• What information can you track for a Constituent vs. a Non-Constituent record?