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Raiser’s Edge & Salesforce – The Ultimate Nonprofit Power Couple


Tech-savvy nonprofits – as well as developing nonprofit organizations, have come to realize the advantages of using both Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce as core mainstays in their technology ecosystems footprint. Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce are the ultimate nonprofit ‘power couple’ that help keep data routinely combined as needed, along with keeping data current, clean, and complete in both applications. 

Watch our webinar to learn how Omatic’s intelligent data integration solution, purpose-built for nonprofits, will ensure that data from the two systems are integrated accurately, effortlessly, quickly, and with nonprofit business needs squarely addressed. 

And, if you use Raiser’s Edge 7 or prefer to use RE NXT in database view, we have Salesforce data integration tools for that configuration. 

Attendees will learn:

  • How to load data between Raiser’s Edge NXT and Salesforce  
  • How organizations are using Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce together 
  • The nuts and bolts of RE / Salesforce integration; see Omatic Cloud in action! 

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