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Omatic + Raiser’s Edge: Building an Integrated Ecosystem That Drives Outcomes


Nonprofits have more choice than ever when it comes to selecting the best tools to drive mission impact. Best-in-class applications are available to manage everything from online donations, events, volunteer programs, email marketing, peer2peer campaigns, and countless other functions. With over 80% of organizations using four or more applications beyond their main system of record (Raiser’s Edge), the need for integration has never been greater.

To maximize the return on investment for these applications, they must be connected. While it sounds simple, it is actually a complex task that comes with many pitfalls (duplicate creation, overwriting of good information, incomplete information being passed, delays in updates, etc.), leading to poor supporter experiences. This critical task is typically left to the database administrator to “get it done” without a full appreciation for what it takes to actually “get it done.”

See how Omatic helps connect your technology to enable a complete, up-to-date constituent view, which leads to better targeting and communication. Not to mention time savings on data entry, importing, duplicate management, and record clean-up.

Attendees will learn: 

  • The impact siloed data has on their organizations  
  • How Omatic enables you to connect your “best-in-class” technology ecosystem  
  • How integrated data drives more effective mission impact 

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