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Integrate All Your Membership, Engagement, Activity, and Donation Data with Omatic


High data quality and a single source of truth are often elusive for religious-based organizations as you manage a growing assortment of data systems that support memberships, prayer requests, donations, and more. The struggle that faith-based organizations face as they strive to manage data silos and handle the challenges of segregated data from various sources means wasted time, flawed decision-making, unhygienic information, and internal distrust in the database overall.  

Join our webinar to learn how Omatic’s data integration solutions can help you automate data processing, save time, and prevent errors to ensure the most current and complete data they need to drive organizational impact.  

Attendees will see:

  • How disparate data can cost your organization more than just money  
  • Why data integration is so essential in today’s nonprofit technology environment to drive mission impact 
  • A demo of Omatic Cloud, our purpose-built integration that caters specifically to the faith-based organizational community and their workflows 


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