Insights with Experts: Database Audit Strategies to Improve the Health of Your System

Jun 20, 1:00pm - 2:00pm | EDT

Are you aware of some of the shortcomings of your database, but feel at a loss as to where the cleanup should begin? Do you observe problem areas with your data but need validation to communicate the extent and impact of the issue? Are you hesitant to move to Raiser’s Edge NXT because you believe a large percentage of your database is inactive?

All of these crossroads are good points at which to consider a database audit.

Join Omatic’s Cheri Carver (Consulting Manager) and Laura Berthiaume (Consultant-Team Lead) as they provide you with great tips and industry insights into:

  • The importance of data hygiene
  • Where to start your database audit
  • How to sell the concept internally
  • And next steps to get it done!