Futureproof your Raiser's Edge investment with Omatic Cloud

Future-Proof Your Raiser’s Edge Investment with Omatic Cloud


ImportOmatic has been a great support to Raiser’s Edge users for over 20 years.  You may even use ImportOmatic today.  However, if you haven’t seen Omatic solutions lately, it’s worth a fresh look! 

ImportOmatic+, now powered by Omatic Cloud, is the data quality and integration solution for Raiser’s Edge NXT that can take nonprofit data management professionals to the next level. 

And Omatic Cloud can serve as your exclusive, central integration hub, giving you turnkey bi-directional data integration with an ever-growing list of third-party solutions.  Keep your data clean across multiple systems, gain near real-time data sharing, and have the facts you need for strategy development and relationship building. 

Join our experts in this webinar to learn what the future looks like with Omatic Software — and all the powerful ways Omatic Cloud can help you keep your data synced. 

You’ll see:

  • How we’ve designed Omatic Cloud and made ImportOmatic+ better, to help you master the multi-faceted technology ecosystem you work in today 
  • That there’s far more to integration than simply moving data from point A to point B 
  • How you can gain better insight into your supporters when your data are current, clean, and complete. 
  • What ImportOmatic+ and Omatic Cloud look like under the hood (see ‘em in action!) 

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