BBCRM Customization – Managing Customization Deployment

Apr 30, 2:00pm - 3:00pm | EDT

Join Omatic’s Technical Engagement Manager, Matt Hall, and Partners Healthcare’s, Wayne Pozzar, for an overview of our approach to BBCRM SDK customization deployment. During this webinar, we’ll discuss and share code that handles packaging and deploying BBCRM customizations through a single, repeatable deployment process.

Topics include:

  • Structuring Visual Studio solutions and projects
  • Automatically packaging up customization components (DLLs, HTML forms, SQL scripts) into a single, deployable package
  • Managing deployments in different development-related environments (developer workstations, build machines, QA, production)

This is an introduction to our four-day comprehensive BBCRM SDK training offered to customers across the US.


Matt Hall, Senior Consultant at Omatic SoftwareMATT HALL, Technical Engagement Manager
– Over 10 years of BBCRM experience
– One of the first technical consultants for BBCRM at Blackbaud
– Experience in the nonprofit IT space as a systems architect for higher education foundations