2-Part ImportOmatic New Client Training

Sep 1, 2:00pm - Sep 2, 4:30pm | EDT

In this 2-part new client training series, an Omatic Consultant and Instructor will provide training and insights into the key components of ImportOmatic:

Session 1: ImportOmatic Overview, Preparation and Profile Creation

This training will include:

  • Reviewing the product look, layout, and flow
  • Reviewing the data file
  • Preparation and review of an import file
  • What to look out for and how to avoid potential data file issues
  • An overview of core profile functions in ImportOmatic related to the data review
  • Configuration of Duplicate criteria & Dictionaries
  • Profile Creations

Session 2: Import Processing & Exception Review

This training will include:

  • Common profile configurations
  • How to process files then make updates based on exceptions
  • How to update and review records throughout the import process
  • Common Error/and Exceptions and how to manage them

Each session will provide approximately 2.5 hours worth of content with the remaining time allocated for questions from users.

*ImportOmatic Basics Series Prerequisite: Attendees must have ImportOmatic installed in advance of attending training for their current organization. The training is for new ImportOmatic clients only.