The Nonprofit Holiday Wishlist: Save Time, Gain Efficiency, Enhance Quality

In the nonprofit world, November and December can be particularly busy months. Not only are teams working to close out one year and make plans for the year ahead, but they are also handling an influx of gifts due to the holiday giving season. In fact, Blackbaud’s 2021 Charitable Giving Report revealed December to be the largest month for giving, with 20.1% of charitable gifts coming in during this time.

Of course, an increase in gifts is good for organizations. However, teams that already operate with constrained resources may find this time of year particularly challenging, which can lead to downstream impacts. For example, how quickly are gifts acknowledged? Are they recorded in your fundraising database so communication with supporters can reflect the gifts?

Nonprofit organizations need to find ways to save time and gain efficiency without sacrificing quality. During this webinar we’ll explore how Omatic can help automate your import and integration processes.

Built on a foundation of 20+ years of nonprofit experience, Omatic Cloud couples the best of ImportOmatic with the most advanced, secure cloud technology. Join this session to learn how Omatic Cloud can help you:

  • Save time and eliminate manual entry errors through automatic processing.
  • Consistently acknowledge donors and encourage them to keep giving.
  • Make strategic decisions based on accurate, up-to-date donor data