The Journey of an Engaged Donor
January 11th, 2024, 2 PM EST

Giving trends are down – so what does that mean for nonprofits?

To engage donors and grow your impact, nonprofits need to do more with less.

More fundraising with less support, increased engagement with limited bandwidth, and driving more significant impact with fewer resources have become essential.

So, how do they do more with their donor data?

Watch an enlightening first of a two-part live event series: “The Journey of an Engaged Donor,” where we’ll guide you through the entire donation process and discuss effective engagement and data management strategies for encouraging repeat giving.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

The life of a donation. From the moment you receive an online donation, to getting that data into your CRM, your donation goes through a journey! We’ll walk you through your full data landscape, so you can begin to transform knowledge into actionable engagement!

Why a data strategy is essential. Learn how to transform your data from siloed systems into your CRM, and then take it one step further by turning it into personalized, timely communication that resonates with your donors.

Craft an effective data strategy. Explore how Omatic can seamlessly streamline data flow into your CRM, equipping you with the latest communication tools and strategies. Elevate your nonprofit’s outreach to unprecedented levels of success.

Don’t let 2024 be a missed opportunity for donor engagement. Discover how to connect with your supporters like never before!

Watch now!