Streamlining Benevity Disbursement Report Processing With Omatic

Benevity has partnered with Omatic, a leader in nonprofit data integration software, to make it easier for you to process Disbursement Report content. When you upload your Disbursement Reports to Omatic Cloud, your donor data will be automatically added to your donor management system — and then you can really make that data work.

Watch the Streamlining Disbursement Report Processing With Omatic webinar  to find out how this software makes processing Disbursement Reports more efficient and effective. You’ll also learn about a special promotion on Omatic for Benevity users!

Watch to see an exclusive demo of Omatic’s software solution and learn how it can:

  • Save you time and eliminate manual entry errors through automatic processing
  • Give you the accurate, up-to-date donor data you need to make strategic decisions
  • Get all your nonprofit software programs in sync
  • Enable you to consistently acknowledge donors and encourage them to keep giving

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