Unlocking the Power of CSR Data: A Fisher House Case Study with Omatic & Benevity
Tuesday, September 19 | 2 PM EST

Is your current tech stack streamlining gift imports into your CRM or causing bottlenecks? 

Gift processing can spiral into chaos for nonprofits without the resources for accurate data management. Before Omatic, Fisher House grappled with workplace giving and matching gifts into Salesforce. With data integration, they shifted from time consuming manual processes to efficient donor management. 

We invite you to watch our recording, where you’ll gain invaluable insights from Fisher House about their experience in managing Benevity data through advanced data integration techniques, including: 

  • Drastically reduced manual reconciliations by optimizing data processes for maximum efficiency. 
  • Realized remarkable time savings; tasks that previously consumed 10-15 hours now take just 1 hour. This newfound efficiency empowers employees to concentrate on mission-critical responsibilities. 
  • Attained greater transparency through strategic insights, enabling them to turn donors into lifelong supporters.   


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