Integrate All Your Healthcare Development and Fundraising Data with Omatic

While healthcare foundations’ and hospitals’ mandates are to raise funds that directly support patient health, having healthy data is equally important. Healthcare development teams often use many different systems and apps to collect and manage donor, patient, volunteer data, etc. Managing disparate data from various sources means wasted time, errors, unclean data, and internal distrust in your main CRM database.

Join Omatic Software to explore how our purpose-built nonprofit integrations can help you reduce errors, automate data processing, and ensure the most current and complete data needed to drive support for your hospital or healthcare system.

Attendees will learn:

  • How disparate data cost your organization more than just money
  • Why data integration is so important in today’s nonprofit technology environment
  • About Omatic Cloud and ImportOmatic+. See them in action
  • About purpose-built Omatic integrations that cater specifically to the healthcare fundraising sector