Driving Mission Impact through Integrated Data: An Animal Welfare Success Story

According to recent research, 80% of nonprofits use four or more systems, in addition to their main CRM database, to collect, manage, and store contact and account data.

As an animal welfare organization employee, you know first-hand the value animals bring to this world – both ecologically and as friends and partners to humans. However, animals are often mistreated or poorly protected, which is why there are organizations like yours dedicated to animal welfare.

Like other nonprofits, animal welfare organizations succeed when using the right combination of fundraising, membership, volunteerism, and activism, leveraging multiple platforms and apps to engage with various groups.

If not properly integrated, however, these platforms can result in data silos – and unintended consequences, including (1) flawed decision-making from incomplete data, (2) wasted time from labor-intensive, error-prone data entry and clean-up of duplicate records, (3) internal distrust in the CRM database, and ultimately (4) long-term membership erosion and donor attrition.

How do you avoid these challenges? Watch our on-demand to find out! During our webinar, we’ll:

  • Review how siloed data is costing your organization more than just money.
  • Highlight why data integration is so crucial in today’s nonprofit technology environment.
  • Demonstrate how Omatic’s data integration tools help save you time on data entry, importing, duplicate prevention, and record clean up.
  • Showcase how integrated data drives more effective mission impact by sharing a recent success story.