Data Silos, Data Quality, and Leveraging Fundraising Data to Drive Mission Impact

As nonprofit organizations adopt new technologies to retain and attract donors, their success will depend on their ability to get data management right.

So, you may be left asking, “How can improving data quality help an organization drive mission impact?”

We hope you’ll join our webinar to find out. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll discuss:

Like most nonprofits, your organization likely relies on charitable fundraising to fuel your mission. But how do you determine what development strategies to employ? For fundraising outcomes to be as successful as possible, you need a complete picture of your supporters and their engagement with your organization.

The problem is that supporter data often lives in various systems that aren’t “talking to each other,” creating data silos that inhibit a comprehensive view of each of your supporters. During our interactive webinar we’ll:

  • Examine how data silos are created and, more importantly, how to break them down to ensure the efficient, secure flow of high-quality data.
  • Discuss the role that fundraising technology, data quality, and data integration solutions play in driving mission impact.
  • Share best practices you can put into action right away.
  • Review how Omatic seamlessly integrates best-of-breed technology with your primary CRM