Best Practice Data Integration: Elevate Workplace Giving for 2024

Did you know…workplace giving contributes an average of $5 billion annually to nonprofit causes – and over 50% of this vital funding comes from employee matching gift programs. But what happens when a dedicated donor leaves their workplace and moves to a different employer? How can we make sure we stay engaged and retain this donor?

By efficiently integrating workplace giving data into Salesforce, you can retain these steadfast supporters.

Our webinar titled, “Best Practice Data Integration: Elevate Workplace Giving for 2024”, is your golden opportunity to master the art of harnessing workplace data for greater transparency, engagement, and long-term return.

In this engaging webinar, you’ll learn how to:

• The importance of workplace giving data. Learn how integrated data into Salesforce can allow you to achieve full transparency into workplace giving donors, accurate tracking and reporting, targeted engagement, and more!
• Harness the power of data management. Explore how effective data management can supercharge your nonprofit’s workplace, giving ROI and enabling you to achieve more with fewer resources.
• Best practices for integrating workplace data. Gain insights into how you can stay on top of workplace donors in Salesforce using data integration best practices for 2024.

Watch our webinar today!