eLearning Library for ImportOmatic

Each video can be run on demand with the ability to pause, replay and stop at any point. Videos can be accessed and viewed as many times as needed for your entire organization. The narration on each video is done by Omatic Software consultants, trainers, support analysts, solution engineers and product specialists.

On-demand eLearning:

Self-Paced Online Training Library

The eLearning Library is an annual subscription to our self-paced online training library for ImportOmatic. The eLearning Library contains a collection of training videos covering many different topics.

● Subscription-based for the entire organization, not per user
● Useful for all levels, from Introductory to Expert level
● Step-by-step training from our expert trainers and consultants


● Task based videos with examples of common import scenarios
● New videos added often
● Become an expert ImportOmatic user

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