Process Mapping to Support and Ensure Data Health

Omatic is embarking on a long-term strategic initiative to learn more from current and future customers so that we can:

  • Continue to improve our products
  • Continue to build and refine our repository of intelligence that serves non-profit and fundraising professionals
  • Give something tangible and valuable back to the non-profit community and the customers that we serve

We would like to speak with organizations that would be interested in having Omatic conduct and deliver internal business process mapping for them, free of charge. Those organizations that are selected will be on the forefront of helping Omatic improve and refine its products. In addition, they may help influence Omatic’s product roadmap for the future, and at the same time learn more about their own business workflows, and where their own business processes show opportunities for improvement.

If you are interested in participating, please complete our form. More information can be found in our blog post, Process Mapping for Nonprofit Organizations.

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