Take Control of Your Disparate Systems with Omatic Cloud

Disparate Systems

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Seamless Integration

Simplify Data Integration

Integrations are complex, and spreadsheets can be messy and time-consuming for organizations to manage. Easily establish new connections that automatically send data between your nonprofit CRM, and empower teams to extract value from clean, accurate data as they engage supporters across systems.

Reduced Risk for Errors

Other integration solutions don’t fully solve nonprofit data needs, forcing teams to waste time fixing inaccurate information. Omatic Cloud gives users flexibility for mapping and configuring data, ensuring that all data is standardized and up-to-date for creating more personalized experiences with supporters.

Less Work for Everyone

Users gain full control over how, when, and how often data is processed, and Omatic Cloud can continually pull data and process it into your nonprofit CRM requiring little to no intervention.