OHSU Foundation Uses ImportOmatic and Luminate Online Connector to Keep Data Fresh and Craft Personalized Fundraising Messages

The Challenge

Oregon Health & Science University is focused on improving health. The organization is dedicated solely to advancing health sciences, concentrating its resources on research to prevent and cure disease, on education that prepares health professionals to succeed in an evolving healthcare environment, and on patient care that incorporates the latest knowledge and discoveries. OHSU created the world’s first successful artificial heart valve, developed the first targeted cancer therapy, and launched the field of personalized medicine.

Each year thousands of donors contribute millions of dollars in financial support to OHSU and the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital through the OHSU Foundation and the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

The business intelligence team at OHSU Foundation manages over half a million constituent records. Keeping the data accurate and up-to-date was a time-consuming task. The team had to rely on a slow import process and then spend time fixing duplicates.

Additionally, the team needed a better way to manage their mass email correspondence in Luminate Online. The organization has multiple emails for many constituents, and imports into Luminate were creating separate profiles for each email address, requiring 40+ hours per integration cycle to update Luminate with relevant information from Raiser’s Edge. Consequently, important segmenting information about each constituent’s giving history and preferences weren’t automatically going into the Luminate profiles.

These challenges directly impacted the quality of the OHSU Foundation’s fundraising campaigns. Without insights into which funding opportunities constituents were giving to and what constituents cared most about, campaign messaging was generic. The team knew they could get better results with more targeted group messaging.

“[Omatic] opened up a whole new world of how we could be doing things better. We’re dedicated users of Omatic given the positive experience we’ve had. They’re a good partner for us.”

Sandra Maxwell

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

OHSU Foundation

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Download the entire case study to see how OHSU reduced its import process time by half.

The Solution

The OHSU Foundation had already been looking for a solution to facilitate their Grateful Patient program when the team discovered Omatic. They started with ImportOmatic, which allowed them to import more data in a single file, without duplication issues. ImportOmatic dramatically boosted the team’s efficiency when importing data, since its baked-in intelligence automatically cleans data, and smart profiles give the team greater control.

In spring 2018, the team began using the Luminate Online Connector, which helps to link Raiser’s Edge with Luminate Online. Data from Raiser’s Edge is synced and can be directly utilized in Luminate campaigns. The Connector also minimizes mistakes.

The process of implementing Omatic’s tools was painless. Tammi Burkhardt, Business Intelligence Analyst at OHSU Foundation says, “[The training process] was phenomenal. We had an amazing consultant, Amy Barker. She allowed us the freedom to ask some complex questions, and she came back with solutions for us.”

One of the most significant benefits of using Omatic’s tools is the time savings. For the import process alone, the team reduced their time investment by half. This freed the team to focus on other important tasks, like analyzing how they could better use the data they have. And, as Sandra Maxwell, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at OHSU Foundation, points out, “The more records we accumulate, the more crucial it is to have efficient methods to process the data.”

The team is experiencing a time savings with the Luminate Online Connector as well. Tammi says, “We’re finding that the transfer of information is much simpler for the majority of our records. It will take minutes rather than hours and days to process.”

The team can now update and sync their data more often, which translates into accurate data that the fundraising team can use to craft targeted messages. The team now has confidence that the data is both accurate and timely.

Tammi explains, “More accurate data means better communications. By using the fields that exist in Luminate and updating them from Raiser’s Edge, we can target more effectively.”

Sandra shares, “[Omatic] opened up a whole new world of how we could be doing things better. We’re dedicated users of Omatic given the positive experience we’ve had. They’re a good partner for us.”