Joe Andruzzi Foundation is able to Seamlessly Integrate with Salesforce NPSP


The Joe Andruzzi Foundation (‘JAF’) is committed to helping families battling cancer by providing grants to alleviate the financial and emotional stress so that grant recipients can focus on their fight against cancer, not the financial distress that comes with it.

The Challenge

When JAF chose Salesforce NPSP as its new fundraising CRM, it realized that the standard Salesforce import process involved too many steps, which would lead to significant time spent on administrative tasks. In addition, new gift and contact data would need to be imported into Salesforce in multiple steps, which would be even more time-consuming.

This was time that the team did not have; the idea of putting extra hours and extra steps to an already complicated process added stress and worry about not getting other important work done – like expediting grants to families fighting cancer.

Furthermore, JAF had concerns about ongoing data hygiene and not having key automated data clean-up and error-prevention features that they wanted, such as zip code matching, proper casing, and searching for duplicates.

The other option, manual entry, would also take the time that JAF simply did not have, would also be prone to errors, and could unknowingly create duplicates as well.

Errors, inaccurate data, and duplicates erode the donor experience, and JAF would be seen as sloppy and, by extension, as not good stewards of donated funds. Donor retention would be considerably impacted.

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Read more about how the Joe Andruzzi Foundation was able to expedient processing time, duplicate matching, proper casing, and other data hygiene requirements.

The Solution

The Joe Andruzzi Foundation turned to Omatic for a full-scale solution for integrating routine data from external sources into Salesforce NPSP. Omatic deployed its integration and nonprofit dataflow management toolset for Salesforce – and took care of data mapping, helped build automated workflows, and configured the toolset to meet JAF’s comprehensive data integration needs expedient processing time, duplicate matching, proper casing, and other data hygiene requirements.