Haverford College Saves Hours of Staff Time on Posting Gifts and Provides Essential Information to Business Office Using PostOmatic

Organization & Mission

Founded in 1833, Haverford College is one of America’s leading liberal arts colleges with a history rich in Quaker tradition. Known for its academic rigor and honor code, today the college is an active advocate for racial and gender equality. The College’s curriculum includes a wide-range of academic programs; students are true collaborators and trusted colleagues in the classroom, working directly with the material and ideas of their discipline.


The Challenge

Haverford’s Gifts and Records team had been using standard post-to-general ledger functionality in Raiser’s Edge to create a post file for the Controller’s Office – and didn’t post daily because the process was so complicated – they could post only once or twice each week.


The Gifts team would have to review and manually update the post file created by RE, and send it over to the IT team who would do another manual manipulation to get the file into the proper format for the finance system.


There was little validation along the way, so if the Controller’s Office found any discrepancies, the file would be sent back to the Gifts team for correction and the entire process would have to be repeated – leading to more effort spent fixing things.


Furthermore, the team was lean, if someone called out sick or was on vacation, the process was stalled until they got back.

“We love Omatic. PostOmatic has changed how we do everything! It was simple to set up and is easy to use. The first year using PostOmatic, we reconciled to the penny. That had never been done before.”

John Burk
Director of Gifts and Records
Haverford College

Download the Case Study

Download the entire case study to see how Haverford College saves hours of employee time by utilizing PostOmatic.

The Solution

Haverford had been using Omatic’s ImportOmatic product for some time, and was happy with its efficiency and effectiveness. When Haverford decided to migrate to a new finance system, they re-engaged with Omatic to determine if there was an Omatic solution to address the existing efficiency issues with the posting process from RE.


Haverford learned that PostOmatic could be configured to filter and group gifts exactly as they needed, and that the output could be delivered in the exact format and with the exact fields required by the new finance system. This meant their team could process reports even when team members were away.