PostOmatic saves Gallaudet University One Month of Work Per Year

Organization & Mission

For more than 150 years, Gallaudet University has led advances in education for the deaf, and has advocated for the rights of deaf individuals around the world. Gallaudet is also a research institution, focusing on research that reflects the University’s unique and ongoing commitment to the deaf and hard-of-hearing population.


The Challenge

Gallaudet uses Raiser’s Edge (RE) as its CRM for fundraising and PeopleSoft for accounting. For many years, Gallaudet had been using a custom report to furnish financial data from RE to the PeopleSoft team. But in 2018, the report stopped functioning and Gallaudet was unable to resolve the problem.


Even before any reporting malfunctions, the team had to make manual adjustments and remove duplicate transactions in order to ensure that the data sent to PeopleSoft was both usable and accurate.


So much time was spent managing this manual process, pouring over duplicate transactions and errors, that data quality and trust in data health suffered.

“We now have the ability to reconcile with Finance accurately and on demand. And, there’s more trust in our data from the President on down.”

Director of Information and Reporting
Gallaudet University

Download the Case Study

Download the entire case study to see how the Gallaudet University utilizes PostOmatic to help reconcile data more easily and accurately between Development and Finance departments so they can continue their mission of educating and advocating for the rights of deaf individuals around the world.

The Solution

Gallaudet partnered with PostOmatic, which was easily configured to support the exact requirements from PeopleSoft, and without any manual file adjustments needed.


For Gallaudet, PostOmatic was configured to support better filtering and consolidation of RE financial data. Transactions could be filtered out when needed and batches could be combined for more streamlined posting unlike any previous solution.


PostOmatic proved to be easy to learn and easy to use. The posting process now takes a lot less time and no longer causes any stress.


The Results

Implementation in Less Than Four Weeks

PostOmatic was implemented very quickly. Gallaudet was testing within a week of starting deployment and was live less than three weeks after that.


Same Output With Half the Work

Gallaudet estimates that they save up to 1 month of work saved per year by eliminating manual manipulation of files. Even when team members have left, the Development Office has not needed to add new staff. PostOmatic has been instrumental in increasing efficiency.


100% Increase in Focus on Data Health From the Hours Saved

The RE team now has the time they need to focus on RE data quality: properly and timely updating of alumni records, parent records, addresses, and keeping the RE database healthy overall.


Better Interdepartmental Relations

There used to be frustration between Development and Finance over trust in the data accuracy. Now there is mutual support, improved collaboration, and trust in the data.