Foundations of MultiCare Infuses Efficiency into Grateful Patient Program

The Challenge

The Foundations of MultiCare include MultiCare Health Foundation, The Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation, and The Good Samaritan Foundation. The Foundations have been established over many years to support the Tacoma, WA area by building community awareness and financial support for the world-class programs, advanced treatments, and innovative technology that MultiCare Health System offers. As a nonprofit organization, MultiCare counts on generous supporters who want to make a difference in the community.

The foundations of MultiCare struggled to bring efficiency to their Grateful Patient Program. They needed a better way to match their new donor acquisition lists from patient admissions with their current donors, so they could be sure they were utilizing the right communication channels with supporters. Making these connections was a key aspect of their grateful patient mailing and calling campaign efforts. They knew that not recognizing current donors and taking the wrong outreach approach was causing problems that distracted them from the great things the program sought to accomplish.

Too much staff time was being consumed by data integration in Raiser’s Edge® for their Grateful Patient Program to be efficient. With an average of 700 gifts per week, data accuracy and efficiency are critical for building long-term relationships with supporters. MultiCare staff was often consumed by hand-keying data, particularly during peak event times when gift volume increased. Because of this, they were having to call on all staff to help during busy periods. This was taking 32 or more hours a week away from time that could be spent more productively by focusing on the important communications and stewardship priorities of their Grateful Patient Program.

“We imported 18,000 names in a few hours for a calling campaign, matched them to existing constituents, and had a very successful campaign. The matching is superior and the ability to find and promote to full constituents during gift processing has made those batches fly

Karen Burlingame

Data Systems Coordinator

Foundations of MultiCare

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Download the entire case study to see how The Foundations of MultiCare saved over $15,000 of staff time in one year as a result of process improvements.

The Solution

Partnering with Omatic Software allowed MultiCare to implement drastically more efficient processes across the board for their Grateful Patient Program. Omatic enabled MultiCare to keep all of their fundraising efforts integrated within Raiser’s Edge. With Grateful Patient Management, new patient lists were matched with current donors in Raiser’s Edge. New records could still be managed in the system without the need for a full constituent record being created until a gift is received. MultiCare was able to take a new streamlined approach to standardizing their data and removing unwanted data. Staff confirm the accuracy of data as it comes in and identify existing constituents while maintaining the ability to manage new prospect records for segmentation efforts. Omatic also worked closely with the staff at MultiCare to setup their process and ensure best practices are followed.

With Omatic’s solution for Grateful Patient Programs, MultiCare’s program achieved significant new efficiencies in their data processes which led them to more timely cultivation efforts. This was particularly evident during their first patient mailing and calling campaign after implementing the new process.

With help from Omatic, MultiCare now imports every piece of data that comes to them electronically and maintains both new prospect records and accurate updates to the full profiles of their constituents. This, in turn, leads to the ability to better segment and cultivate all of their supporters, including grateful patients. The solution has also enabled them to meet requirements for reporting volunteer hours, satisfy the hospitals’ corporate compliance specifications, and actually know when a VIP donor is going the extra mile by volunteering at one of their events.

Due to the ease of integrating data into Raiser’s Edge experienced by working with Omatic, MultiCare has also applied efficiencies to other areas of their fundraising programs with equally impressive results. They are saving $600 a week during their primary events season, which spans across half of the year for them. This time saved equated to over $15,000 in savings of staff time over the first year alone due to their process improvements.

“We cut 32 man hours per week to 4 hours per week. As a result, we eliminated the need to grab extra help in the office which meant staff members could do their actual jobs,” said Karen.  She added, “Our employees can now spend more time helping with other fundraising activities like making thank you calls to our valuable supporters instead of spending their days hand-entering data.”