Fisher House Foundation Streamlines Data Processes And Increases Visibility Into Donor Data With Omatic.

“We’ve been very pleased with Omatic. It solved a problem that no one had a good answer for, and the team has been very easy to work with.”

Director of Donations

Organization Background

A military nonprofit, the Fisher House Foundation provides a home away from home for families of patients receiving care at VA hospitals and medical facilities. By covering expenses for lodging, food, and travel, Fisher House allows military and veteran families to be close to their loved ones when they need them most. Since its inception in 1990, Fisher House has served 430,000 families, providing 11.5 million days of lodging and $546 million in savings

The Challenge

Prior to Omatic, workplace giving and matching gift programs had challenged the Fisher House team. The organization understood the most valuable gift information was donor-level data, but it did not have a way to accurately and efficiently import that data into Salesforce. Factors contributing to this challenge included:

  • Lack of standardization in file formats: Fisher House receives weekly or monthly donation data from several programs, including Benevity, Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), CyberGrants, EasyMatch, Fidelity Charitable, Network for Good, and YourCause. There isn’t a standard format for these files, and each contains different donor data.
  • Time-consuming, manual processes: Fisher House historically recorded gifts as lump sums (e.g., Benevity gift for $10,000). While it later recorded them at the corporate level, doing so was cumbersome. The multi-step process of matching and importing information from one file into Salesforce took between four and six hours. At this rate, it wasn’t feasible for the organization to bring in the donor-level data it really needed – until Omatic.

The Solution

Upon implementing Omatic Cloud for Salesforce, Fisher House gained:

  • Increased flexibility: With Omatic’s flexible field-mapping, lack of standardization across file formats was no longer a problem. Omatic allowed Fisher House to quickly and easily setup integration formulas for all their donor program files and map data to the appropriate fields in Salesforce.
  • Streamlined data processes: Rather than time-consuming, multi-step processes, once these files were set up in Omatic Cloud, the ongoing import is completed in seconds – and with the click of a button. Due to its ease of use, Fisher House now uses Omatic to import 30-50 files per month into Salesforce.

The Results

Through its partnership with Omatic, Fisher House has seen several notable improvements:

  • Time-savings – Fisher House saved “countless” hours with Omatic, according to its Director of Donations. Importing donor-level data from a Benevity file alone would have taken up to two days versus just seconds with Omatic Cloud.
  • Newfound visibility – By importing donor-level data, Fisher House finally gained a complete picture of donor activity. Prior to using Omatic, Fisher House lacked the bandwidth to record each individual gift. This meant that long-time supporters could leave their company, and Fisher House would never know. Now, Fisher House can cultivate relationships with those supporters, ensuring ongoing support even if donors change jobs. “It starts with having their name, having their e-mail address, having them in the database. You never know what’s going to come from that,” explained the director.
  • Enhanced quality – While it originally purchased the solution to capture donor and gift data, Fisher House now uses Omatic to find and resolve data errors throughout its Salesforce database. Omatic Cloud fixes about 1800+ capitalization errors with donor names each year – supporting donor engagement by ensuring emails, mailings, gift acknowledgments, etc., are sent correctly.
  • Employee engagement – Leveraging Omatic to eliminate manual processes, employees have been able to take on more strategic, mission-advancing work, such as donor research.

Excited about the results its seen to date, the Fisher House team also appreciates the flexibility Omatic provides for the future. “We’ve been very pleased with Omatic. It solved a problem that no one had a good answer for, and the team has been very easy to work with,” said the Director of Donations.


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