Data Integration Sets the Stage for Increased Revenue and Donor Retention for The Pink Agenda

Using Omatic Cloud has reduced The Pink Agenda’s time spent on donor and gift data integration by at least 50%

Organization Background

The Pink Agenda is committed to raising money for breast cancer research and care, as well as awareness of the disease, among young professionals. Born of the belief that engaging today’s generation can go a long way toward finding tomorrow’s cure, The Pink Agenda finds funds and partners with people and programs that are improving the lives of those suffering from breast cancer and conducting the ground-breaking research necessary to improve their odds.

The Problem

The Pink Agenda uses Salesforce NPSP as its main CRM database for donation management, and donor record-keeping. Donations come into The Pink Agenda from several different platforms, with various data formats and data standards, that all require import into Salesforce to ensure the system is both up-to-date and the data are accurate. Other platforms could include online giving, peer-to-peer event fundraising, social media fundraising, and many other types.

Omatic Solutions Delivered

ImportOmatic+, powered by Omatic Cloud.

The Difference Automation Has Made 

The Pink Agenda team feels more productive on several different levels thanks to their deployment of ImportOmatic+, powered by Omatic Cloud. They are also forward-thinking and see how Omatic Cloud would be able to grow with them as they plan to use Salesforce beyond its primary donor and gift management functions. For example, they now see how Omatic Cloud could be used down the road for integrating event and program data, prospect records, and interactions beyond those related to fundraising.

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