Would you like to see a quick snapshot of your organizations financial health? Give Dashboard a try!

Let Blackbaud’s Dashboard give you a snapshot of your organization’s financial health. Do you or your management-level users need to see summarized real-time financial data? Do you find yourself preparing and distributing the same reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis? Would you like to see all your organizations financial data summarized in one place and easily shared with your management staff? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Dashboard in Blackbaud’s The Financial Edge may be exactly what you are looking for.

Dashboard quickly organizes the financial information in your database into a “snapshot” you can easily view with the click of the mouse. Dashboard can be configured to summarize your organization’s most valuable information on a single screen.

A dashboard contains panels of summaries, lists, and graphs that efficiently compare and analyze the financial health of your organization. You can configure an unlimited number of Dashboards with panels that span across every part of The Financial Edge. Most panels allow you to “drill down” into the source records that make up summarized data. For example, when viewing the Aged Accounts Payable dashboard, you simply double click to open the source invoice record right from that panel.

You can also edit and refresh the information shown in the dashboard, as well as print it out or email it at any time. Dashboard has a very easy to use interface so even the occasional user of The Financial Edge will be able to configure them with no trouble, which makes Dashboard ideal for managers, business officers, executives, or other users who need to quickly access financial information about your organization.

You can create dashboards with panels containing information from General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Receipts, Fixed Assets, Payroll and Student Billing. Dashboard offers 20+ report types that can be configured. You even have the ability to set up the same panel multiple times, so creating year-over-year comparisons is a snap. You can even create weekly, monthly, and annual dashboards that can be refreshed manually or automatically.

The security settings you have applied to the system also apply to Dashboard so your confidential data such as payroll and budgets stay secure. The simple rule here is that if the user cannot access the data through The Financial Edge, they will not be able to access it in Dashboard.

For more information on setting up Dashboard in The Financial Edge visit the Blackbaud knowledgebase at www.blackbaud.com/kb/.