Why We’re Excited to be at APRA – Prospect Development 2014

This week, I’m headed to Las Vegas for the annual APRA conference! I’m looking forward to a great trip, but not just because of the destination.

I’m looking forward to APRA because of the energy and people that congregate there each year. I’ve been fortunate to have joined APRA and MARC conferences many times in the past and there is no doubt that these are premier events for prospect research and prospect development. The APRA conference has steadily grown because people know there will be great knowledge sharing that can really make an impact when attendees get back home to their respective organizations. Having missed the last couple conferences myself, it will be great to return to see familiar faces and check out some of the new things people are talking about.

Why is APRA important? Prospect identification is so critical to fundraising success that it can be downright frustrating to see some organizations flying blind when it comes to communicating with donors. Fortunately, the organizations represented at APRA tend to value this aspect of fundraising. But even then, it can be a struggle figuring out a way to use all of the information available to fundraisers now and make all of the pieces fit together, so a clear direction can be established and executed upon. Here at Omatic, we work hard and, perhaps most importantly, we work closely with a lot of great organizations like those that attend APRA to address the challenges around prospect identification.

I’ll be with the team from Omatic Software during APRA and we’re excited to be a new face among the regular exhibitors at the conference. The people I’ve had an opportunity to speak with in previous years at APRA always want to check out the latest technology and tools that help uncover relationships and key insights on their donors. This year, I am excited to talk to APRA attendees about new innovations from Omatic that are pretty awesome…particularly for organizations that are using The Raiser’s Edge® (RE).

Our goal with our latest innovations for RE is pretty universal: Helping you quickly identify and engage with your best prospects to create positive fundraising outcomes. However, it’s our approach that is unique – we’re integrating prospect scoring, prospect segmentation, and prospect pipeline data visualization all within RE to deliver new perspectives and experiences.

Since this will be Omatic’s first time at APRA, I’m not expecting that everyone there will be familiar with us. But, for those that are using RE, I’m hoping that they will leave APRA having at least checked out the cool things we built to help score prospects, segment prospects, identify relationships, and visualize prospect data. It’s pretty awesome stuff that breathes new life into RE and opens up great new possibilities for prospect researchers!

If you’re going to be at APRA this week, come by to see Omatic and say hello regardless of what organization, partner, or exhibitor you’re representing. If you’re going AND you are a user of The Raiser’s Edge, you will not want to miss the Omatic booth (#203)!

The Raiser’s Edge® is a registered trademark of Blackbaud, Inc.


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