Data integrations address and solve tactical problems for nonprofits

Why does data integration matter for nonprofits?

For nonprofit organizations that have robust fundraising, or mission-specific programs that involve interacting with volunteers or participants, your Salesforce system needs to manage a lot of constituent and donor data coming from various sources.  But a recent poll taken during an Omatic webinar (focusing on automating gift entry in Salesforce) showed that 60% of attendees were still relying heavily on manual data entry processes.

Nonprofits have sometimes lagged behind the commercial sector in adopting technology.  Still, one observation that’s safe to make is that organizations have learned that ‘best-of-breed’ data solutions support a more effective IT structure overall than integrated systems.  That means more data coming from disparate sources that need to be integrated into Salesforce so that your nonprofit database remains the complete, current, and single source of truth.

Data integrations address and solve tactical problems

Omatic’s new eBook, ‘Seven Fundamental Salesforce Integrations for Nonprofits’, sets the stage for a discussion on the common data sources that nonprofits utilize, and then digs deep into how nonprofit organizations that use multiple ‘satellite’ systems in addition to Salesforce should think about data integration.  Key topics include:

  • Bulk gift entry and flat-file integration
  • Online donation data management
  • Online event registrations
  • Email marketing data
  • Volunteer program data
  • Direct marketing segmentation
  • Finance system integration

Scratching the surface? Learn How Your Nonprofit Can Benefit From Integration Automation

You may not need all the integrations discussed, or you may not need them all now.  But, that said, any nonprofit relying on labor-intensive, error-prone, manual data entry to manage the data coming into Salesforce from external sources could benefit from examining the advantages of integration technology.

Learn how automation and intelligent integration can help you spend less time and effort on data processing and give you more time for developing insights to grow your mission – by clicking here.

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