Using Output Files for Solicitor Data in ImportOmatic

When managing data for The Raiser’s Edge®, diligence and remembering to capture all relevant data pays dividends in the future. Having said that, here is a great tip for ImportOmatic:

Don’t forget the Output settings when creating a profile. The ability to include an import ID in an output file allows you to, for example, link gifts to solicitors… and that is just the beginning!

Quite often gift data with solicitors does contain a solicitor’s name information, but does not include IMPORT IDs:

To link a gift to a solicitor you need the IMPORT ID of the solicitor. You can’t link a gift to a solicitor by using her first and last name. Follow these steps to create a file that holds the IMPORT ID of the solicitor:

  1. Create a profile that imports the solicitors in column E and F. Make sure to add a virtual field to turn on “constituent is a solicitor”. Do not import the donor in column A and B. This profile’s purpose is to import the person in column E as a solicitor and to create a new output file with her import ID.
  2. Select “Include the Import ID of all matched or added Constituents in the output file” :
This results in a new file with a new column:

Create a new profile that imports the donor in column B and C. When linking the gift to the solicitor, use column A and simply ignore column F and G.

In summary, your first profile ensures all solicitors have a record in the database, are marked as solicitors and that you have a file with their import ID. Your second profile imports the donors and it uses the output file from the first profile to link gifts to solicitors via their IMPORT ID.

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