To the Cloud! Tips & Tricks to Link Online Documents to Raiser’s Edge

Oct 9, 2015

As many organizations migrate to web-based document repositories from network drives, linking to documents in Raiser’s Edge presents unique challenges. What happens when your network drive disappears and your linked documents on the Media tab go away? When organizations decide to decommission and retire the network drive in favor of a web-based document repository, what options become available to simulate this media tab functionality?

We must consider that these documents are now available via a web page URL instead of a traditional network file path. Raiser’s Edge doesn’t really handle the storage and usage of URLs all that well, but there are a few solutions to consider:

1. Notepad– Notepad offers the ability to simulate the media tab closer than any other option. Fields such as Date, Type, and Description are similar between the two. The actual URL of the document could be placed in the Note section.

2. Attributes – If you don’t need to classify or categorize your document, you could capture the URL in an attribute.

3. Phones/Emails/Links – The only place designed to capture a URL is in the Phones/Emails/Links section. In a Pre-RE 7.94 system, you would need to create multiple “phone types” to account for potentially more than 1 document. However, in a RE 7.94 system, the same phone type could be used more than one time.

For more solutions, we would love to work with you to discover the best method for linking to your online documents in Raiser’s Edge! Our professional services team is always here to help!

Steve Brewer
Steve is a Technical Consultant on the Professional Services team at Omatic Software, where he helps clients find solutions to a wide range of data and process related challenges as well as assists clients with customization programming. Steve brings over 19 years’ experience working on a broad range of Blackbaud platform’s including The Raiser’s Edge, The Financial Edge, and Blackbaud CRM. Prior to joining Omatic in 2012, Steve worked for several nonprofits, consulting firms, and other industries including the financial services and biotech sectors. Steve got his start in technology at Blackbaud on The Raiser’s Edge 7 development team. With his many years of experience working with nonprofit organizations and Blackbaud products, as well as building custom data solutions, he continues to help organizations improve their data management processes by tailoring Omatic products to their exact needs. Steve graduated from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.