The Spring Cleaning Guide for Relationships in Raiser’s Edge

Mar 16, 2016

Have you ever struggled finding business relationships because they aren’t linked to an organization record? This common problem occurs when business relationships are created as non-constituent relationships. This relationship choice doesn’t allow you to see their relationship with an organization.

Tired of the frustration? Let’s review a cleanup process you can use to link non-constituent business relationships with desired organization records. This process will output the current non-constituent relationships first, delete them from Raiser’s Edge, and finally import the relationships back into Raiser’s Edge using ImportOmatic.


1. Build a relationship query of organization relationships that need to be changed

a. Organization Is Constituent = False
b. Organization Is Primary Business = True

2. Output all of the related meta-data for the relationship

a. Constituent Import ID (of main constituent)
b. Org Name
c. Position
d. Date From
e. Date To
f. Relationship Type
g. Etc.

3. Build an ImportOmatic (IOM) profile using the output from the query

a. Settings

i. Set IOM to search for possible duplicate relationships and create as a full constituent if not found
ii. Set your auto-pick for organization relationships to Org Name (& Alias if you have one )
iii. Uncheck all of the Bio1 auto-update boxes (otherwise the org record will get updated if the name is different)

b. Mapping

i. Constituent Import ID
ii. Org Name
iii. All relevant meta data for the org relationship

4. (Now the scary part!) Run an RE Global Delete for relationships using the query that you built to remove all of the “bad” relationships

5. (Now the fun part!) Run your import on the file which will recreate all of the deleted relationships but this time IOM will automatically search and link to any existing org records or create new org records if they do not exist

** If you want to update only the organization’s address on the relationship then you will need to make this a two pass import as described here.

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