The Pathway to Omatic Cloud and ImportOmatic+: Your Questions, Answered

Jan 5, 2022

Several weeks ago, we introduced ImportOmatic+, powered by Omatic Cloud. We talked proudly about Omatic’s new, ultra-secure Cloud integration platform. We discussed how Omatic Cloud ensures better-than-ever data quality for users of Raiser’s Edge NXT® (as well as for those who use Salesforce, Blackbaud CRM®, and Altru®). And we focused on how Omatic Cloud can help protect your existing database investment while giving you the freedom to use the ‘best-of-breed’ applications you need, to engage with your supporters as effectively as possible. 

We also touched on the ‘pathway’ to Omatic Cloud and IOM+ for existing users of ImportOmatic ‘Classic’ – our flagship plug-in solution for Raiser’s Edge 7 and RE NXT’s database view. 

Recently, we held a webinar on this very topic. (You can download it here and watch it at your convenience.)  As usual, we spoke about ImportOmatic+ and Omatic Cloud, we delivered a demonstration of Omatic Cloud’s new look and features, and we allowed time at the end for questions. 

There were some great questions! 

Because we know how important some of these questions are to the broad community of around 2000 Omatic customers that use ImportOmatic Classic today, we wanted to share these questions with you and – obviously – furnish the answers as well. In addition, we want to talk in a little more detail about the actual pathway from IOM Classic to IOM+ and Omatic Cloud. Please read on. 

You Had Questions. We Have Answers! 

The following actual questions were asked by actual customers who attended our ‘Pathway to Omatic Cloud’ webinar in late November. We’ve supplied the answers to support the ImportOmatic user community most broadly, although we recognize that every organization that uses IOM is unique. 

Q: How do you handle loading data into RE fields that are not currently supported in the RE NXT web view? 

A: While users can use Omatic Cloud and IOM+ to import data into any RE NXT web view fields available via the SKY API, you can still use IOM Classic to load data into fields that are (currently) only available in Database view. 

Q: Are Connectors in Omatic Cloud (eg, Stripe) a ‘built-in’ part of the Omatic software? 

A: Yes! When you purchase a Connector in Omatic Cloud in addition to IOM+, it becomes a seamless, integrated component of your Omatic Cloud solution.  (There is a separate subscription fee for each Connector in Omatic Cloud.) 

Q: What about MergeOmatic and SegmentOmatic? Will those be updated to Omatic Cloud? 

A:  We’re still figuring that out. Our matching and duplicate prevention algorithms in Omatic Cloud are even more sophisticated than in IOM Classic, so IOM+ and Connectors in Omatic Cloud do an even better job of ensuring duplicate record remediation. 

Q: Is there any functionality in IOM Classic that is not available in IOM+ / Omatic Cloud for RE NXT? 

A: We are committed to our ongoing technology partnership with Blackbaud and work with Blackbaud’s SKY API team very closely as we continue to develop IOM+. That said, there is certain functionality that is not yet available in the SKY API, and so it’s not yet available in IOM+.  Two examples are: 

  • Currently, the SKY API does not allow IOM+ to import records into Batch in RE NXT. We’re working with Blackbaud to make progress on this, but as of today loading data into RE NXT Batch is not available (although you can still import into Batch using IOM Classic in Database view). 
  • Currently, the SKY API does not support the RE Membership module, so IOM+ cannot load data into Membership fields. Users who need to import into Membership or other records not currently supported by the SKY API can still use IOM Classic in Database view. 

Q: 90% of how we use IOM (Classic) is to import gifts into Batch. When loading data into Batch becomes available in IOM+, will there be increased functionality to link gifts to tributes? This is very limiting for us presently. 

A: Omatic Cloud integrations wouldn’t be able to link gifts to Tributes in RE NXT until Tribute records are available via the SKY API. However, we know that Blackbaud is currently exploring adding Tribute fields to the SKY API. It has been Omatic’s practice to leverage RE NXT fields as soon as they are available via the SKY API.  

Q: Can our switch from IOM Classic to IOM+ be gradual; ie, can we more slowly adopt the Omatic Cloud version while still using the plug-in version until we’re ready to transition each of our existing imports / integrations? 

A: Yes, absolutely. You can continue to run IOM Classic in Database view while you are getting comfortable with the new Omatic Cloud IOM+ user experience. 

Q: I am not a data specialist and we don’t have any in our organization. One of our pain points is that processing OLX donations to RE is painful.  Would IOM+ be able to help? 

A: Yes, certainly. If the existing application integration between OLX and RE NXT is not providing the level of support or ease you require, IOM+ can probably improve efficiency, error remediation, and duplicate prevention. Again, each organization is different, but we’re confident that Omatic can relieve the pain that you are currently experiencing. 

Q: We need application integration between NationBuilder and RE NXT. Can this be added to your list of Omatic Cloud integrations? 

A: Omatic is always looking at opportunities to build the application integrations that are most needed by the nonprofit and fundraising sector. We have heard from a number of organizations that use or are considering NationBuilder and we’re investigating the feasibility of building an integration. In the meanwhile, if you can download data from NationBuilder, you can easily use IOM+ (or Classic) to combine data from NationBuilder into RE NXT. 

The Pathway to Omatic Cloud 

If you are using IOM Classic in conjunction with RE NXT, the pathway to Omatic Cloud is straightforward. (Note, if you are using Raiser’s Edge 7, your only integration options are the IOM Classic plug-in and Omatic’s collection of IOM Classic connectors.) 

We think of the pathway to Omatic Cloud using this approach:  AADDD.  

Audit – Review and document how you use ImportOmatic Classic today, which Connectors you use or need, and which other Omatic products are in play. 

Analyze – Identify your most imperative use cases for data integration, today and in your vision of the near future. 

Discover – Contact your Omatic account manager to have a discovery conversation and share the outcomes of your internal audit and analysis. That will help them determine the most suitable Omatic Cloud solution for you. 

Demo – Set up a free, 30-minute or one-hour demonstration of Omatic Cloud and IOM+, leveraging your own specific use-cases 

Deploy – Work with Omatic’s onboarding team to determine the best timing for deployment of Omatic Cloud, which formulas should be implemented first, and who should be involved in product training. 

Continuous Development to Support Your Integration Needs 

As Blackbaud’s SKY API continues to expand and evolve, Omatic is focusing on supporting the integrations that users of ImportOmatic need most. The SKY API takes advantage of the most sophisticated data exchange technology, and Blackbaud is continually deploying more RE NXT ‘endpoints’ for Omatic to leverage in developing data integrations for Web view.  And, IOM Classic can still be used for loading data into RE fields that are not yet available in the SKY API. 

We’ve answered a number of burning questions from IOM Classic users who are making the decision to take the pathway to Omatic Cloud. If you have any questions that have not yet been answered, or if you want to have a more cogent discussion with your account manager or one of our engineers, please request a demo or contact us at  

Stu Manewith, CFRE
Stu Manewith, CFRE joined Omatic Software six years ago and serves as the company’s Director of Thought Leadership and Advocacy. In that role, he is Omatic’s nonprofit sector domain specialist and subject-matter expert and is responsible for actively promoting and demonstrating Omatic’s position as the nonprofit industry’s leading partner in the areas of data health and integration. Prior to Omatic, Stu spent 13 years at Blackbaud, working with Raiser’s Edge, Financial Edge, and Blackbaud CRM client organizations as a consultant, solution architect, and practice manager. Previously, Stu spent the first half of his career as a nonprofit executive, fundraiser, and finance director, working in both the healthcare and arts/cultural arenas of the nonprofit sector. He holds business degrees from Washington University and the University of Wisconsin, and he earned his CFRE credential in 1999.