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Supporting Our Customers: Customer Success and Training Updates

Customer Success is Omatic Success 

The success of our customers is a tremendously important priority at Omatic. In fact, driving customer impact – meaning helping drive forward an organization’s ability to deliver its mission and make an impact on the population it serves – is one of Omatic’s core values, one by which we live, day in and day out. 

To support that overarching philosophy, each Omatic customer is assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM). CSMs assist organizations with: 

  • Contract questions 
  • Subscriptions and renewals 
  • General problems or challenges 
  • Training information 
  • Anything in-between 

In addition, CSMs have a direct line to our colleagues in Customer Support and can help obtain further information on product support issues when necessary. 

And, if a customer isn’t sure where to go, the CSM team is a great first contact. If you are unsure of who on the CSM team is assigned to your organization, simply email and your CSM will reply promptly. 

Calling All Learners

At Omatic, we’re aware that learners have different learning styles, and everyone who’s interested in new product training or product refresher training is likely juggling a large number of their own organization’s projects, in addition to having to carve out the time for training. 

Because of this, Omatic offers several training options to meet the needs of our users, whether they are new to their organization, new to Omatic, new to Omatic Cloud, or a veteran member of the Omatic family that just needs a review. 

You can enroll in one of our instructor-led courses, or if you have the Omatic Training Pass (OTP) you can peruse our online video library and chose whichever courses you want for just-in-time training. We also offer ImportOmatic Tips and Tricks on our YouTube channel. 

For more information on upcoming training, please visit the training resources pages on our website: 

If you have any specific training needs that you’d like to discuss with a member of our team, please contact us at

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