Save More Time With ImportOmatic Keyboard Shortcuts!

If you are an ImportOmatic user, you are probably a fan of the interactive screens provided during import processing. However, you may want a faster way to work through them? Give your mouse a break and try using your keyboard more! One of the best kept secrets of ImportOmatic’s import processing is the ability to use keyboard shortcuts during some of the interactive screens.

Currently, if you are seeing the “Duplicate Search Matching Results” interaction screen and you want to save a few mouse clicks, try hitting the ALT key on your keyboard next time it appears. You will then notice that the buttons at the bottom of the screen will start to show a specific letter underlined. These underlined letters indicate which letter to type after the ALT key in order to perform a selection with the keyboard instead of your mouse. For example, hit ALT once to make the underlines appear on the selection buttons. Then, hit ALT + M to confirm that you wish to match to the highlighted selected record.

Hit the ALT key to see the keyboard shortcut letters, then hit ALT plus that letter to select the desired function on this screen.

Matching Results Keyboard Shortcuts List: “MASK”

• ALT + M = Match to Selected Record
• ALT + A = Add as New Record
• ALT + S = Search for a Record
• ALT + K = Skip this Record

These keyboard shortcuts are only available on the “Duplicate Search Matching Results” screen (see screenshot above), but – don’t forget – the TAB key can also be used on other import processing interactions (like the bio field comparison or the advanced address processing forms) to toggle through the available selection button. When toggling through selections hit the ENTER key on your keyboard to confirm your selection. At Omatic, we believe these small shortcuts can be quite significant for time savings! Shortcuts like these can add up and save you lots of time and frustration when performing interactive imports with ImportOmatic.

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