Resource Round-Up – Getting to the Other Side of the Current Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing substantial disruption for most organizations, and nonprofits are no exception. Thankfully, there is no shortage of valuable resources to help you navigate these unknown waters and get you to the other side of the current crisis.

We know it’s tempting to binge on information. Everyone seems to be overloading themselves with as much as possible. Have you found yourself researching for tips, tricks, suggestions as quickly as possible, but end up digging yourself into a hole? Did you start looking for alternative ways to do fundraising but end up five hours later watching a tutorial on how to talk to giraffes?

Too much information can easily give rise to the feeling of overwhelm and stress, or straight confusion if you end up jumping from one site to another and landing on some weird part of the web.

So to help, we’re choosing to highlight only five valuable resources at a time – covering different topics.

Preparing and Responding

You can’t pretend the coronavirus is not happening. The National Council of Nonprofits offers the latest information and resources for nonprofits to prepare and respond.

Engaging Your Major Donors

With uncertain times, means it’s essential that every nonprofit continues to build meaningful connections with its supporters and prospective donors. The Chronicle of Philanthropy has provided four tips to help engage major donors during this quickly changing terrain.

Adjusting Your Fundraising Strategy

This crisis has nonprofits pivoting from their original 2020 fundraising strategies. Washington Nonprofits is hosting a webinar on Thursday, March 26, at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time to share thoughts and ideas to help adjust your fundraising efforts.

Implementing a Virtual Component to Your Events

Many people are talking about virtual events lately. Our friends at Classy walk through some tips and creative ideas on adding a virtual component to your activities.

Stewarding Your Donors

To help the social good community prepare for and respond to any impacts of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Blackbaud shares helpful tips on communicating with donors during uncertain times.

We hope this helps! Please continue to check back for our next roundup of resources to help your organization and its mission get to the other side of the current crisis.

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