Are You Ready to Woo Your Supporters?

Revamping how you deliver a rewarding, enjoyable supporter experience can’t be put off any longer. Your supporters are growing tired of generic communications and want to feel an authentic connection and know they are making a difference.

We get it. I mean, what’s easier to do than to send a single email to your entire email list or the same direct mail piece to everyone? But bulk communications that are irrelevant and lack personalization doesn’t exactly scream an excellent supporter experience. In fact, it borders on the line of rude and could potentially turn away donors. After all, no one wants to feel like a walking wallet. Donors want to feel great about their giving and know they are playing a vital role in the success of your mission. Would you keep showing up to places where you weren’t feeling appreciated? Probably not.

The good news is, the start of delivering an excellent supporter experience is simple. It’s about putting donors at the heart of everything you do and connecting them with what they care about. To achieve ongoing relevant and personal engagements, you have to start being supporter-centric. While it is impossible to read the minds of your supporters and know what will make them feel special, you are most likely sitting on a gold mine of data that can help.

In this article, Are Data Blind Spots Keeping Your Supporters Out of Reach, we tackle the importance of creating a meaningful experience for your supporters and how data drives that experience.

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