Our 10 Most Popular and Valuable Blog Posts of All Time

Feb 22, 2021

Since launching Omatic in 2002, we’ve published almost 350 blog posts on topics like accelerating your nonprofit’s fundraising, tips on crafting the perfect email message for your constituents, data blind spots, and everything else that helps nonprofits in the realm of data health and integration.

To make it easier for you to get familiar with our blog library, we’ve put together a list of the ten most valuable and popular posts we’ve ever published. These are the ones we get the most emails about – even though some are well over nine years old!

Pledge Reminder Letters: The Complete Guide & Best Practices

Behind every successful nonprofit organization are talented individuals who exemplify the value of fostering real relationships. These professionals must be able to convey how gifts from donors further their mission, but they are also responsible for maintaining relationships with donors. Sending letters can be somewhat sensitive when engaging with higher-profile donors, so we’ve curated a few tips you can use for developing and utilizing effective pledge reminders.

Best Practices for Constituent Codes—How to Use Them Efficiently

When it comes to leveraging constituent codes, are you using them effectively? What’s the purpose of a constituent code? How many constituent codes should an organization have? Is order important when a constituent has multiple codes? In this article, learn the answers to common questions about constituent codes and gain informative advice on the best practices for handling some basic needs.

A Guide to Gift Solicitation Letters & Structuring the Perfect Appeal

Donations via gift solicitation letters are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization, so it’s only natural to place so much emphasis on fundraising efforts. One fundraising method nonprofits consistently turn to are gift solicitation letters, typically sent the old-fashioned way through the mail, although some nonprofits have recently embraced emails and other electronic means of communication. Whether you’re only writing these gift solicitation letters once a year or once a month, learn what makes an exceptional appeal letter.

How to Manage Pledge Gifts in The Raiser’s Edge

During a campaign drive, donors may choose to make a pledge gift which will be paid over time. Pledges help you reach your goal for the campaign while allowing donors flexibility in paying for their commitment. In this blog post, learn how to effectively manage pledge gifts in Raiser’s Edge to streamline the pledge reminder letter process.

An Interview with Cloud for Good: Connecting Accounting and Fundraising Departments with Salesforce Integration

One of Omatic’s newer Salesforce Implementer / Consulting partners is Cloud for Good, which specializes in donor management, case management, and marketing automation implementations for nonprofits that use Salesforce.

Omatic recently sat down with Susan Wright and Laura Maker, both Directors of Professional Services with Cloud for Good, to discuss the differences and similarities in both accounting and fundraising departments’ technology solutions, and how mindful integrations can pave the way for greater success.

20+ Best Salesforce Integrations and Apps for Nonprofits

Salesforce made its first splash in the for-profit sphere, where it quickly became popular due to its flexibility. As an essentially blank slate, Salesforce presented a CRM solution that was adaptable enough to fit the needs of many industries. After a while, Salesforce used this built-in flexibility to break into the nonprofit sphere.

We’ve put together our list of favorite Salesforce apps and integrations for your nonprofit to peruse as you consider how to best configure and mold this flexible solution to meet your specific needs.

ImportOmatic Settings that Matter the Most for your Imports

When building import profiles within ImportOmatic, getting all the fields mapped is usually considered the most labor-intensive part of the configuration process. Once the field mapping is complete with functions and dictionaries applied, it is really tempting to just head straight into your import test without going through that lengthy list of profile settings. Taking the time to configure the processing rules in the profile is very important and once done, they will not have to be configured again for that particular profile. Learn our most essential ImportOmatic profile settings that you should take a moment to consider for any and all profiles you build.

A Possibility Becomes Reality: Integrating The Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of innovation that really changed the way nonprofits approached their work. Raiser’s Edge 7 brought unprecedented sophistication to (and established new standards for) fundraising data management when it first came out. Peer-to-peer fundraising was changed forever by Convio. Salesforce’s entry into the sector pushed everyone to think of openness and expansion in whole new ways.

Today, there’s another shift we’re noticing that we’re particularly excited about, one that brings the best of these prior evolutions together: Solution vendors across the sector are embracing the idea of integrating systems in unprecedented ways, which means that nonprofits can more effectively utilize the combination of tools that best suits their needs. And we think that’s fantastic.

Proper Data Collection for Nonprofits: Why Does it Matter?

In the realm of nonprofit data collection, NPOs have a wealth of tools, strategies, and talent to rely on to achieve their goals, despite the inherent challenges they may face. The hard work of nonprofit professionals can often go unnoticed, but your organization still needs to be managed much as a for-profit business would.

Data can be like pieces of a puzzle, but only form an incomplete picture if there isn’t enough to put together. Nonprofit data collection is important for many reasons, but here’s a look at what data can do for your nonprofit and why reliability is key.

Fundraising Performance Metrics: How to Analyze Donor Data for New Strategies

Getting started with a new strategy can be unnerving, but that’s why fundraising performance metrics can help point you in the right direction. Fundraising is the most crucial aspect of any nonprofit organization. Through the commitment of benevolent donors, nonprofits are afforded the ability to fulfill their causes and make their mark on the world. Check out these critically important fundraising performance metrics to help you put together an expertly-crafted fundraising strategy.