One Great New Reason to Check Out the Salesforce AppExchange

Mar 22, 2022

‘You have to love a system that you don’t have to babysit.’ That’s a quote from the American Lung Association’s senior IT manager, describing Omatic Cloud, as it quietly and quickly moves information from third-party data sources into Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud behind the scenes, without the need to monitor processing or worry about exceptions. 

Purpose-built for nonprofit organizations, Omatic Cloud seamlessly integrates nonprofit applications with Salesforce – making team time available, enhancing data quality; and improving revenue performance. With time unclogged to focus on more meaningful initiatives, team members can help drive mission impact rather than forever grappling with data review and record clean-up. 

And now, Omatic Cloud is readily available on the Salesforce AppExchange, so you can easily and effortlessly connect all of your nonprofit data with Salesforce. 

The Need for Integration 

Since Omatic became a Salesforce-approved independent software vendor (ISV) in 2020, we’ve polled the nonprofit market and consistently observed the following: more than 80% of organizations use at least four applications that collect, manage, and store contact and account data – in addition to their main CRM system, typically Salesforce NPSP or Raiser’s Edge NXT. We were also surprised to learn – in poll after poll – that some 70% of nonprofits who use both Salesforce and Raiser’s Edge plan to continue using both systems within their organizations for the foreseeable future. 

These findings make abundantly clear the need for solid, sophisticated, and streamlined data integration systems, that can be easily managed by Salesforce admins and end-user citizen integrators, rather than requiring developers or highly certified Salesforce specialists. And Omatic takes that a step further by leveraging 20 years of nonprofit-specific data integration experience and combines that knowledge with today’s most advanced, secure cloud technology. 

Salesforce, of course, may be your main CRM database, but the apps you choose to use for donor and supporter engagement, fundraising, payment processing, and communication need to be the systems that work best for you and your organization. That’s why Omatic has developed and deployed more than 30 API-based Omatic Cloud Connectors for Salesforce, seamlessly and expediently connecting Salesforce with the most common and robust applications used in nonprofit sector. That includes a sophisticated Omatic Cloud Connector for integrating Salesforce and Raiser’s Edge NXT. Further information is available on our AppExchange web page. 

Unexpected Benefits 

Salesforce admins and end-users rave about the time they save by using Omatic Cloud data integration tools, as well as the reduction in duplicates, data errors, and database inconsistencies – which also reduces the time it takes to clean-up information and make corrections. A food bank client we recently spoke with told us that data entry that would have formerly taken up to five days is now handled in just about two hours with Omatic! Reduced stress and better work/life balance are natural byproducts. 

But it’s the unexpected strategic benefits that really cause Development, Marketing, and even Executive leaders to give Omatic solutions their proper due. What they’ve found is, when there’s a measurable reduction in data errors and fewer duplicates and inconsistencies in the data, that messaging to donors and supporters is more effective and engaging, leading to stronger relationships and more effective fundraising. 

They’ve also found that when they have access to better-quality data sooner, they can segment more effectively and more expediently, also leading to more productive messaging to their audiences. And, frankly, speedier gift entry ensures speedier donor acknowledgments, which also supports more effective stewardship and donor retention. 

A final word . . . before you visit the AppExchange 

I mentioned an Omatic customer who told us that Omatic helped her reduce data entry time from up to five days to less than two hours during their busiest season of the year. Then she said something else that really resonated. She said Omatic automation has given her team members the ability to take on more meaningful work (i.e., vs. mundane data entry and cleanup), both helping to further drive her nonprofit’s mission and also expanding the scope of their own professional roles. A real win-win-win. 

Okay, now, please visit the AppExchange and help us help you see for yourself. 

Stu Manewith, CFRE
Stu Manewith, CFRE joined Omatic Software six years ago and serves as the company’s Director of Thought Leadership and Advocacy. In that role, he is Omatic’s nonprofit sector domain specialist and subject-matter expert and is responsible for actively promoting and demonstrating Omatic’s position as the nonprofit industry’s leading partner in the areas of data health and integration. Prior to Omatic, Stu spent 13 years at Blackbaud, working with Raiser’s Edge, Financial Edge, and Blackbaud CRM client organizations as a consultant, solution architect, and practice manager. Previously, Stu spent the first half of his career as a nonprofit executive, fundraiser, and finance director, working in both the healthcare and arts/cultural arenas of the nonprofit sector. He holds business degrees from Washington University and the University of Wisconsin, and he earned his CFRE credential in 1999.