Financial Edge Training and Consulting Services Now Available from Omatic!

Nov 18, 2016

Omatic Software now offers comprehensive training and consulting services for Financial Edge (FE). Below are some of the service offerings we have available, along with some questions to determine if these services are a good fit for you.

Cash Management Training – Using the Cash management Tool for Bank Reconciliations

  • Do you have Cash Management installed? (AP > Banks > Cash Management)
  • Do you currently use the product every month?
  • Are you in balance?
  • Do you have monthly out of balance issues that you find difficult to resolve?

AP to GL Reconciliation Training – Reconciling Accounts Payable to the General Ledger

  • Do you currently reconcile AP to the GL?
  • Are they in balance?
  • Do you find this process difficult to complete (or even to start)?

FE Audits – Through the FE Assessment, Omatic can Recommend Best Practices for System Usage and Database Clean Up

  • Do reports take a long time to run?
  • Do you have general performance issues?
  • How large is your FE database? And, can it be optimized?

Importing Records – Need Records Imported quickly Into Any Module in Financial Edge? No Problem!

  • Are you short staffed and need data entry quickly?
  • Do you get data from a third-party that needs to be entered in FE?

Financial Edge Reporting Training and Best Practices – Determining What Reports to Use When and How to Create Them

  • Are you able to report on activity across FE efficiently?
  • Do you feel comfortable with FE reporting?
  • Do you use Excel because you can’t find a report that fits your needs?

Raiser’s Edge / Financial Edge Integration – RE Can be Configured and Used as a True GAAP-Compliant Subsidiary Ledger to FE

  • Are your RE and FE systems integrated and do you post seamlessly from RE to FE?
  • Do you want to put an end to duplicate transaction entry?
  • Do you want to eliminate reconciliation errors between the two systems?
  • Do you want to be able to view source RE gift records in FE?
  • Do you want to be able to view FE expense data in RE?

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