Omatic Cloud: A Game-Changer for Integrating Nonprofit Technology

At Heller Consulting, we see nonprofits making technology changes for a lot of reasons. Too often, their technology decisions are made in the pursuit of the often-elusive goal of achieving a “360-degree view” of their constituency. This often leads nonprofits to move toward a single platform instead of deciding to use some of their current technology and simply replacing the application(s) that do not meet their current business requirements or won’t support their emerging strategies.

Our team is excited to see this single-platform paradigm becoming a thing of the past with the emergence of tools like Omatic Cloud from Omatic Software. Omatic Cloud is a web-based application that has the potential to turn the challenge of achieving the 360-degree constituent view on its head by making integrations across systems more accessible and affordable.

The technology integration challenge for nonprofits

Most nonprofit professionals agree that it’s important to have a complete view of their data to operate efficiently and create deep and meaningful engagement with donors, volunteers, and other constituents. However, one of the most expensive and time-consuming elements of a nonprofit’s technology ecosystem has traditionally been making various platforms and applications work together and share data.

While many applications offer connectors or other integration solutions, they don’t always meet an organization’s unique needs. The organization then must work with each software vendor or a third-party solution provider to develop separate, custom integrations for various processes. Then, as aspects of the software or the organization’s processes change, the integrations must be updated. An organization can end up with multiple integrations, each written by different vendors using different code. It’s a cost and hassle that just keeps growing.

Several years ago, there was a movement to address this issue by software vendors who promoted a 360-degree view of data by consolidating technology on their software platform. In reality, though, the promise of a complete view of data hasn’t materialized for many nonprofits.

The changing world of nonprofit technology

Today, the world of nonprofit technology is shifting and growing. Leading providers, Blackbaud and Salesforce, continue to evolve while Microsoft is making big moves in the nonprofit sector. Other point solutions for everything from fundraising and email marketing to volunteer and event management continue to come and go.

Many thought leaders in the nonprofit technology space are now recognizing the need for each nonprofit to choose a mix of the best constituent relationship management (CRM) platform and applications to support their particular goals and strategies. But for nonprofits to experience the value of this approach, integration can no longer be a barrier.

This is where Omatic Cloud comes in.

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Simplifying nonprofit technology integration with Omatic Cloud

Omatic Cloud makes technology integration for nonprofits accessible. It’s a web-based platform that allows you to integrate information from any file or system, maintain control of the data flow, and help ensure that your data is free of duplicates and other errors.

While similar integration tools exist today, they are oriented toward commercial businesses. Omatic Cloud, on the other hand, is designed for nonprofits.

Some of the key benefits that we at the Heller team see in this solution are:

  • It provides a common integration interface. So, as you move or add technologies to meet your organization’s needs, you have the same integration experience.
  • It’s pre-configured to support common nonprofit processes and works with many of the most popular nonprofit applications. Unlike custom integrations, you aren’t starting from scratch each time you want to connect data between systems.
  • It’s easy to use, so it doesn’t require an IT person to run it. A power user can manage it.
  • It offers flexible data mapping. You can choose where data goes in your systems. This makes it much more adaptable to your processes.

A new approach to your technology ecosystem

The bottom line about why we’re excited to see this new offering from Omatic is that it supports the Heller team’s philosophy: Nonprofits should choose the combination of platform and tools that best supports their strategies and processes, period. They should not have to worry about the cost and hassle of creating and maintaining custom technology integrations.

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With Omatic Cloud, now there’s a tool that lets you keep the technology that’s working for you and replace the technology that’s preventing you from executing new strategies and initiatives that are best for your organization — today and in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about integrating your nonprofit’s technology, the Heller Consulting team is ready to help. Contact Heller Consulting today for more information.