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Omatic Brown Bag Lunch Series – Target Analytics for Omatic Staff

In our most recent brown bag lunch presentation, we were fortunate enough to have George Durney, the Director of Sales for Target Analytics at Blackbaud, join us. George discussed with our team the various services that Target Analytics provides, the impact Target Analytics has on clients, and how Target Analytics and Omatic Software can work together. 

If you have never met George, you are missing out. George kept a captive audience with his passion for seeing non-profits succeed, as he explained Target Analytics’ service offerings. As a board member for a local non-profit, George presented from a place of understanding non-profits’ inherent challenges and how to help get non-profits to a point of proactive cultivation. 

To start off our presentation, George made a powerful statement: “HAVING data and USING data are two different things.” I know anyone who has ever been in charge of a database can certainly relate. He discussed how Target Analytics’ focus is to provide clients intelligent data and then show organizations how to use that data in a meaningful and impactful way to cultivate, respond, and grow organizational efforts to exceed their fundraising goals. While we just touched the tip of the iceberg with Target Analytics’ possibilities, here are a few service offerings that George unpacked for our team:

➢ Donor Marketing – Provide lists of donor prospects meeting specified affinity, value and response criteria to non-profit organizations for direct marketing campaigns that solicit gifts and participation; includes Coop Lists, Target Tags and Merge Purge products.

➢ Data Enrichment – Append information to donor lists provided by non-profits with asset attributes and predictive models in addition to data hygiene services to (a) optimize donor campaigns / contact and (b) improve their contact / donor management; includes Wealth, Asset & Income data, Charitable Giving insights, and Data Hygiene services.

➢ Prospect Research – Provide access to insight for high touch fundraising by profiling major giving prospects to enable effective person-to-person fundraising; includes ResearchPoint, WealthPoint and ProspectPoint.

➢ Performance Management – Provide performance benchmarking and industry analysis reports to (a) assess marketing and operational effectiveness and (b) influence operational planning; by using donorCentrics.

Understanding the nature of Target Analytics’ services was even more useful as Omatic works with many organizations doing wealth screenings for their Grateful Patient programs. Grateful Patient programs are a very important aspect to many healthcare organization’s development departments, and last year Omatic released a solution to provide Raiser’s Edge users the ability to store, process, analyze, and track the components of their Grateful Patient program. Part of this process is wealth screening, so our staff discussed with George how Omatic’s Grateful Patient tool, the List Management module for ImportOmatic, would work with Target Analytics’ wealth screening services including their daily patient screening solution, WealthPoint OnTime.

List Management along with Target Analytics would allow organizations to follow this broad example of a Grateful Patient program: A list of patient check-in data is filtered and given to the development office, the file is sent to Target Analytics for screening and each individual is provided a wealth screening score. From there, the resulting list is brought into The Raiser’s Edge via ImportOmatic, looking for duplicates and existing constituent records, and has user defined filters to provide specific groups, tasks, and workflows for specific next steps. The result is that the development office is able to easily prioritize what to do with the different groups that have been created. For example, perhaps you have setup a filter within List Management to group individuals with a high wealth rating that is over the age of 40, and are in a specific hospital department. For these individuals, maybe you decide to have someone personally follow up with each individual and therefore have List Management apply a solicitor to this group. For the others though, maybe you want to send a mailing to them and List Management would then assist you in developing the export for the mail house. This coherent prioritization process allows development offices to function more efficiently, allowing automation of huge sets of data all the while keeping databases clean.

From working with many healthcare organizations, I know that what was nearly impossible to imagine five or ten years ago with Grateful Patient programs is now a cinch. This same process and solution can be used for alumni data and using acquisition lists for solicitation.

We cannot thank George enough for showing us the power behind Target Analytics’ services, explaining the “unlocking” of data to help clients make their data useful and actionable, and helping the team here understand where Target Analytics and List Management work so seamlessly together.


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