ImportOmatic Templates Explained

We’ve all been there – sitting at our desks, building an ImportOmatic profile, and thinking to ourselves, “Surely there is someone who has built this exact same profile before. If only I had access to their profile!”  The thought leaves our minds just as quickly as it enters, and we spend the next hour or two mapping our data, selecting our settings, and preparing for import.

Well, my friends – I’m pleased to report that with IOM version 3.0 or higher, you now have access to pre-built profiles for some of our most common external data sources. This means that if you are working with one of the following data sources, you no longer have to build profiles from scratch. The current templates that exist for IOM are:

  • BiddingForGood
  • JustGiving
  • everydayhero
  • Parish Data System
  • Siriusware
  • Volgistics
  • WeShare

Each profile template will generally include any and all mapping, proper casing on name and address fields, all interactive import screens, the option to import gifts to a batch selected, and creating queries to track the new and updated records.

To get started, simply:

1) Download your source data by running a report or an export from that system.

2) Download the IOM template. The download for each individual template can be found in its own section in our IOM user guide.

3) Import any dictionaries to be used with the profile (if needed).

4) Import the profile by accessing the profile directory in IOM configuration, holding the CTRL key, right clicking on an existing profile, and browsing to and selecting the profile file (JSON/XML).

5)  Make any desired changes to your settings and begin importing!

Important to note – if you use Blackbaud’s Hosting Services, you may need to enter a license key. These keys are provided in each specific templates’ section of the ImportOmatic user guide. You can also contactOmatic Support to obtain a license key.

The templates listed are just the beginning!  Look for more templates in the coming months. If you have a data source that you would like to see templated, please let us know!

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